Technical processes for translation#

This page documents the technical steps to push and pull translations from Transifex and to build translated schema, codelists and documentation.

You should only perform these tasks once the source files are frozen, after having completed the first steps of the deployment process.

Configure Transifex#

For new major and minor versions:

  • Create a Transifex project, named e.g. open-contracting-standard-1-1

    • In the Add a new project screen, under Choose privacy type, select Public project and tick the box marked My project is a non-commercial Open Source project.

  • Update TRANSIFEX_PROJECT in include/ with the name of the Transifex project

Extract strings to translate into POT files#

If you add, remove or rename a CSV column whose values are translated, you must edit the corresponding babel_ocds_*.cfg file, as documented by OCDS Babel.

Whenever documentation pages, codelist CSV files or JSON Schema files are changed, you must extract strings to translate from these files into POT files:

make extract

If only documentation pages are changed, you may run:

make extract_markdown

If only codelist files:

make extract_codelists

If only schema files:

make extract_schema

Map POT files to Transifex resources#

Whenever documentation pages, codelist CSV files or JSON Schema files are renamed, added or removed, you must create the POT files as above, empty the .tx/config file (make clean_txconfig) and update the .tx/config file (make update_txconfig). In short, run:

make extract clean_txconfig update_txconfig

Push strings to translate to Transifex#

To push POT files, run tx push -s. To both extract strings and push resources, run:

make push

To push specific resources (replace the Transifex project name), run e.g.:

tx push -s open-contracting-standard-1-1.codelists open-contracting-standard-1-1.schema

Pull translations from Transifex#

To forcefully pull supported translations, run make pull or tx pull -f -l es

To forcefully pull specific translations, run e.g. make or tx pull -f -l es

To forcefully pull all translations, run tx pull -f -a

Then, build the documentation with the new translations.

Push translations to Transifex#

If text is translated locally by editing PO or POT files, the translations can be pushed to Transifex, after Building the documentation. This will overwrite any new translations made on Transifex since the last time they were pulled. Run make force_push or tx push -f -s -t -l es

After pushing, check that the translation progress on Transifex is minimally affected. To avoid losing translations made on Transifex, pull translations before applying your changes, re-building the documentation and pushing new translations. If you made a mistake, checkout a clean branch of the standard, re-build the documentation and push old translations.

Test translations#

Pull requests are built and accessible at Translations of Markdown pages using Sphinx directives should be checked in particular:

  • es/getting_started/ uses jsoninclude

  • es/schema/reference/ uses jsonschema and extensionlist

  • es/schema/release/ has a Docson widget

  • es/schema/codelists/ uses csv-table-no-translate

Review translated codelists#

Translated codelists are stored in language directories under build/codelists during the build process. To stack a list of CSV files for review, you can do:

for i in *.csv; do printf "\n\n$i,,,\n\n"; cat $i; done > ../all_codelists.csv

Add a community translation#

Once all strings are translated and reviewed in Transifex, and all warnings or issues on Transifex are resolved:

  1. Checkout the live branch, e.g. git checkout 1.1

  2. Checkout a new branch, e.g. git checkout -b 1.1-italian

  3. Add the locale code to TRANSLATIONS in include/

  4. Pull the locale’s translations, e.g. tx pull -f -l it

  5. Update the language_options block in docs/_templates/layout.html

  6. Create a pull request for the community translation

  7. Test the translations on the build of the pull request

  8. Merge the new branch onto the live branch

  9. Merge and release, remembering to update robots.txt