Standard repository#

Branches and tags#

The standard uses semantic versioning, with versions following the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH name convention.

Each minor version of the standard’s documentation is built from a “live” branch named after the version, like 1.0. For each live branch, there is a dev branch with a -dev suffix. Patch versions may further branch off the dev branch, with work merged into the dev branch before finally being merged into the live branch. redirects to (, which symlinks to the most recent live branch; this makes it possible to link to the current version of the documentation without specifying the version number.

Sample branch structure:

  • 1.0: contains the deployed version of OCDS 1.0

  • 1.1: contains the deployed version of OCDS 1.1

    • 1.1-dev: used to stage changes to version 1.1 (such as minor documentation changes)

    • 1.1.1-dev: used to isolate work on version 1.1.1 (including schema changes and fixes)

The X.X and X.X-dev branches are protected. The standard repository also protects non-existent infrastructure and profiles branches. These names match sub-directories on the server, and therefore must not be used for branches.

The published documentation has versions on different MAJOR.MINOR branches (e.g., whereas the published schema has versions on different MAJOR__MINOR__PATCH tagged releases (e.g. This use of branches and tags allows documentation to change between versions, while ensuring schema isn’t changed between versions.


  • .tx/config: configuration of Transifex

  • include/: common makefiles for building documentation

  • assets/: images used in the documentation

  • docs/: English documentation

  • schema/: schema-related files

    • *.json: JSON Schema files

    • codelists/: codelist CSV files

    • tests/: Python tests of the JSON Schema files

  • tests/: Python tests of the built documentation

The following files are created by running a build and are not version controlled:

  • .ve/: Python virtualenv, containing all dependencies

  • build/: contains the built copy of the documentation website

To understand babel_ocds_codelist.cfg and babel_ocds_schema.cfg, see Understanding Transifex.