The Open Contracting Data Standard includes a technical specification made up of:

  • An extended JSON Schema that defines objects and fields for describing a contracting process

  • A set of codelists that define standard values for several fields

  • A set of rules for constructing identifiers for contracting processes and organizations

  • A set of rules for merging individual ‘releases’ into a consolidated ‘record’ of a contracting process

  • A set of rules for transforming between JSON and tabular serializations

  • An extension mechanism for describing additional fields

This section describes the processes for maintaining these assets. See the Normative and non-normative policy for details on which sections of the documentation are normative or not.

Documentation is written in Markdown syntax with recommonmark building on Commonmark.


For the history of standard development, read:

The standard and ocds-extensions repositories contain all public discussions about standard development.