Deploying the documentation#

A profile’s deployment is the same as the standard’s Deploying the documentation, except where noted below. If a profile is unversioned, some of the below may be irrelevant.

Perform maintenance tasks#

Check the profile’s individual handbook page for any maintenance tasks.

Version the profile#

If this is the first numbered version of a profile, in its docs/_templates/layout.html, add (substituting {root} with ppp, for example):

{% block version_options %}
<!--#include virtual="/includes/version-options-profiles-{root}.html" -->
{% endblock %}

Update the changelog#

Update the profile’s changelog (if any) with links to its extensions’ changelogs.

Review the pull requests since the last release. To review the commits that are not part of a pull request (using the fish shell):

git show (git rev-list --first-parent --no-merges 1.0-dev --since=2019-10-21)

To review the messages only (using the fish shell):

git show --oneline -s (git rev-list --first-parent --no-merges 1.0-dev --since=2019-10-21)

Replace the branch (1.0-dev) and date (2019-10-21) as needed.