Changing the theme#

We use the PyData Sphinx Theme, which follows the same layout as other documentation – like Google API documentation – with a navigation bar for top-level sections, a left sidebar for pages within the section, and a right sidebar for headings within the page.

You can refer to the theme’s:

The theme is based on Sphinx’s “basic” built-in theme. You can refer to its blocks, helper functions, global variables, configuration variables and theme options.

Pass variables to templates#

Set html_context in For example:

html_context = {
   'fathom_analytics_id': 'ABCDEFGH',

Edit a block#

To replace a block:

{% block extrahead %}
... your content ...
{% block extrahead %}

To add to a block:

{% block extrahead %}
... any content ...
{{ super() }}
... any content ...
{% block extrahead %}