Public Private Partnerships#

This profile is developed and maintained by the Open Contracting Partnership on GitHub. It is deployed with the standard documentation. It was previously deployed to, which uses meta refresh to redirect to the current deployment.


Change extensions or version of OCDS#

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Building the documentation to:

  • Change OCDS version

  • Change extensions

  • Build the profile


  • Update the version numbers in the links to extensions’ documentation, if appropriate.

  • If extensions or OCDS add or remove codelists, add or remove sections as appropriate.

To find codelists to add or remove, run (in Bash):

diff -u <(ls -1 schema/profile/codelists | sed 's/^[+-]//' | sort | uniq) <(grep :file: docs/reference/ | cut -d'/' -f 5 | sort)


See also

The generic profile documentation for Translation

For reference:

  • The translations of the patched OCDS’s codelists are used by and

  • The translation of the patched OCDS’s release schema is used by, and